Tips to improve your eating habits

  • Consume a variety of foods

Except for breast milk for babies, which includes all the nutrients we need to function optimally, our bodies are extraordinarily complicated. Therefore, to stay strong, our diet should include a wide variety of fresh, nutritious foods.

Try to include in your daily diet a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, animal foods and staples such as wheat, corn, rice and potatoes.

  • Reduce salt

Blood pressure can increase due to excess salt, as it is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Most people in the world consume twice as much salt as recommended by the WHO, i.e. 5 grams (or one teaspoon) per day.

  • Limit consumption of certain fats and oils

Consuming too many fats, especially the wrong ones, increases the risk of obesity, heart disease and stroke, something we all need in our diet. The most harmful trans fats are those manufactured industrially. This type of fat has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease by almost 30% in diets high in trans fats.

  • Eating less sugar

In addition to being harmful to our teeth, eating too much sugar increases the risk of obesity and unhealthy weight gain, which can lead to serious and long-lasting health problems.

Be aware of the amount of "hidden" sugars that can be found in processed foods and beverages, as well as the amount of salt they contain.

  • Avoid inappropriate or unsafe alcohol consumption

Alcohol is not a necessary component of a balanced diet, but in many cultures New Year's celebrations are linked to binge-drinking. In general, excessive or frequent alcohol consumption increases the risk of immediate harm and long-term consequences, such as liver damage, cancer, heart disease and mental illness.

According to OMS, there is no safe level of alcohol intake, and for many people, even moderate alcohol consumption can have serious negative effects on their health.

Always remember that drinking less alcohol is healthier for your health, and that it's okay not to drink.